Mikiko Minewaki

A graduate from the Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery in Japan where she is currently a lecturer, Mikiko Minewaki’s work is mostly inspired by mass produced plastics and products that she finds and puts together into new compositions. In her own words “anything hides a good form” and “it is happy for me if you could enjoy such a point of view when you saw my pieces”. This approach to her jewellery practice finds its way in uncommon source materials such as toy blocks and toy dears. The result is not trashy as one might expect though, but a very precise and well crafted one. Besides that, the rather small dimensions of the pieces and the chosen colors such as brown and violet provide them with an irresistible warmth.

Brooches “My Dear” 2011

Brooch and Necklace ” Kids Room” 2008

Necklace “Merry” 2008

Brooch “Plamo’s Violet” 2006

Brooch “Niprooch Violet” 2006

Brooch “Plamo’s” 2006

Brooch “Plamo’s” 2006

No personal website. You will find some pictures of her work, CV and statements here:


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