Little Shilpa

A friend of ours from Mumbai told us today in the afternoon about Little Shilpa, the fashion jewellery project from Shilpa Chavan, designer who after her first studies in fashion design and manufacturing also in Mumbai, moved to London to study millinery and jewellery at the Central Saint Martin’s and at the London College of Fashion. Once again, the perception we have of Indian jewellery is so dominated by traditional crafts that we tend to forget how powerful is the contribution of these designers to the contemporary fashion scene. The work of Little Shilpa is excentric and excessive, goes astray from typical aesthetics and is always keen to improbable mixes of materials and textures. It’s rough and it’s delicate at the same time. One to love.

From the collection: Little Shilpa

Fron the collection: Battle Royale (A/W 2009/2010)

From the collection: Rainbow Totem (Summer 2010)

From the collection: Invitation to the Voyage (2010)



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