Tanel Veenre

Mysterious and sometimes dark yet embedded in femininity and tenderness, the work of Tanel Veenre bewilders the viewer as beautiful compositions emerge from unexpected material sources as seahorses, violin necks, bones and fishing floats side by side with traditional resins and precious metals and stones, resulting in very strong design sentences.

Veenre was born in Talinn, Estonia, where he studied Metal Arts, being after a guest student at the Gerrit Rietvelt Academy under the supervision of Ruudt Peters whose aesthetic influence can in our opinion be seen in his work. Peters pushed as well the boundaries of context and material use in his practice although in Veener’s objects wearability never seems to be questioned and they can be more circumscribed in terms of jewellery.

Shown under, a selection of pieces from 2008 to 2011.

Brooch – Lucia’s Morning 2009 –  Bone, ivory, coral, chalcedony, resin, white gold

Earrings 2010 – Garnet, float, color pigments, cosmic dust

Necklace – Silverhoof 2010 – Legs of deer, garnets, wood, silver

Brooch – Hail from the water 2009 – Wood, aquamarines, silver, gold

Brooch – Medal for the gone 2009 – Coral, antique wood, silver

Brooch – Princess (date unknown) – Sea horse, resin, gold, opal, crystal

Brooch – Its all about tuning 2008 – Neck of violin, amber, wood


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