Ana Hagopian and Michihiro Sato

The fragility of paper was always one of the characteristics that denied this material a role of relevance in jewellery making. Durability, resistance to continuous use and a certain interpretation of jewellery with the precious or the expensive pushed away many designers to consider it for more than essays leading to “proper” objects. But as jewellery makers started to become more experimental, we have seen many of them approaching paper as a primal material per se and achieving beautifully crafted finished pieces with it. The freedom of expression that this medium provides combined with its very low cost compared to silver, gold or even non precious metals, its lightness and delicacy and the opening to new texture experiences are some of the reasons why paper started to seduce so many designers lately.

We came across the work of two jewellery artists whose aesthetics are not comparable, but whose work illustrates clearly and in a beautiful way the incredible possibilities of this medium.

Barcelona based designer Anna Hagopian is mostly inspired by nature and “its infinite creations, its limitless colours, its surprising textures”. Using a material that she sees as “contradictory, provocative and humble” she presents a portfolio that is technically detailed, colorful and full of joy.

Michihiro Sato’s forms also present organic resemblances yet they unfold in a reduced and abstract way. Focusing on the fragility of the elements he works with, Sato, who currently works in Itami, Japan, creates a reflection on change and renewal: “The dialogue with something fragile causes me to have the pleasure of changing”. Thoughtful words.

Ana Hagopian – Ring Garden

Michihiro Sato – Rings 2008

Ana Hagopian – Ring Rose

Michihiro Sato – Brooch 2008

Ana Hagopian – Brooch Complement Lis

Michihiro Sato – Brooch 2011

Ana Hagopian – Brooch Complement Daisy

Michihiro Sato – Necklace/Pendant 2011

Ana Hagopian – Necklace Liana Nenufar

Ana Hagopian website:

Michihiro Sato website:


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