Svenja John

Nests that you find inside other nests, forms that enclose other forms, layers that emerge repeating themselves composing geometries that remind of organic elements and processes. These were our immediate impressions as we came across the work of Berlin based designer Svenja John. Process was a word intentionally used here as we see a certain choreography taking place in her work. The structures clustered in one another create visually a complex and detailed jewellery arquitecture that induces the viewer in a certain illusion of movement. Indeed, the objects are made to be static, but as a result from an intricate joining process, the wearer may experience some exceptional little sounds and motion.

Taking us to a plastic world explored here to a very high level of expertise, built exclusively from Makrolon, a high performance polycarbonate that is flexible and heat resistant, cutted using a water jet, pieced together and hand painted, this designer made us think about the possibilities plastic has to offer us and the role it will play in creative intents to reflect the relations between nature and the inorganic. Fascinating work.

Bursa Brooch 2004

Lapido Bracelet 2001

Letto Bracelet 2001

Macros Bracelet 2002

Rudny_2 Bracelet 2007

Breath Brooch 2000

Tallo Brooch 2000

Anillo Brooch 2001

Priel Bracelet 2002

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