Nora Fok

If the term futuristic may apply to some jewellery designers, we would immediately refer to Nora Fok as one of them. Inspired by far away galaxies, mathematical and physical structures but also from a personal scientific approach to everyday nature where for example plant dissection is sometimes part of a design research, her works are handmade exclusively from knitted, weaved, crocheted and knotted Nylon monofilament and have that special aura of objects that cannot be immediately categorized. The extremely light structures resulting from manipulating this filament allow her to play with extra-large sizes and unusual lengths and to create patterns similar to molecular models that end up making out of the ordinary silhouette proposals for the user of these pieces. Design statements that place the work of Nora Fok with relevance among contemporary British jewellery designers.

Study, Home Grown Tomatoes on the Vine 2006 , Earrings, Knitted Tied Clear Nylon

Bubble Bath 2001, Wrist Piece, Knitted Clear Nylon

Anther 2007, Neck Piece, Woven, Knotted Dyed Nylon

Eremurus Elwesii Albus, White 2005, Ring, Knitted Woven Dyed Nylon

Metamorphosis 2009, Neck Piece, Woven Knotted Clear and Dyed Nylon

Tranquille, Open 2004, Ring, Woven Knitted Dyed Pigmented Nylon with Acrylic Balls

The Spirit of Aqualegia 2004, Wrist Piece, Woven Dyed Nylon

Personal website:

Website of the retrospective exhibition of her work, Cloud Nylon:


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