Peter Chang

Phantasmagoric, surreal but also playful and sometimes presenting itself in a happy futuristic sci-fi mood, the jewellery work of Peter Chang is a melting pot of aesthetic references where the art of HR Giger flirts freely with the colors and shapes of Niki de Saint Phalle and Takashi Murakami among bits and pieces of quotations to what may as well be elements either from Chinese mythology or cryptozoology. The stunning colors, shapes and textures of his works, superbly achieved by working mostly acrylic, PVC, resins and silicone, granted Chang already presence in major jewellery exhibitions and collections worldwide such as the V&A Museum and the Smithsonian Institution. Born in the UK (1944), working in Glasgow, Scotland, previously a student of the Slade  School of Fine Art in London, Chang is also a sculpture artist and there is no difference between his style approach to both practices. In his words “‘The pieces I create can be sculptures or they can be worn as jewellery. Each individual will have a different response to them and I like that”. If we can say of some jewellery work to be wearable art, we believe that this concept is most suitable for Chang’s amazing tribute to plastic.

“The materials I use are inseparable from my ideas – the plastics have a present-day integrity that reflects the age in which we live. Plastics, unlike some natural materials are basically characterless, anything you make out of them only adds!”

Shown under, a selection of his works.

Peter Chang, Bracelet 1992

Peter Chang, Bracelet, 2004

Peter Chang, Bracelet, 1991

Peter Chang, Bracelet, n.d.

Peter Chang, Bracelet, n.d.

Peter Chang, Bracelet, n.d.

Peter Chang, Bracelet, n.d.

Peter Chang, Bracelet, n.d.

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