Silvia Furmanovich

Working with ancient goldsmithing techniques and inspired from early 20th Century art movements such as the Art Deco and Art Nouveau, the work of São Paulo based designer Silvia Furmanovich, one of the well known names of the Brazilian bling scene, designs beautifully composed precious jewellery that we needed to make notice here at Pop Up Uau!. Brazilian jewellery designs are mostly known for its curved shapes, large colored gemstones and African, Indian and nature inspired designs. With a billion dollar worth jewellery industry, Brazil puts out 30% of all the precious stones in the market, being one the worlds superpowers as well when it comes to jewellery exports alone. Interesting to compare the elegant and outspoken pieces of Silvia Furmanovich with the work of Indian designer Hanuth Singh, posted here in November 2011, who presents a similar aesthetic approach to the precious and the luxurious. Shown under, a selection of works from Furmanovich’s collections. A feast to the eyes.

Egiptian Collection: 18 Carat Gold, Diamond Emerald, Pink Tourmalines, Onyx and Turquoise Earrings.

Egiptian Collection: 18 Carat Gold, Diamond, Turquoise, Coral, Onyx and Ruby Bracelet.

Dusty Agate Leaves Collection: 18 Carat Gold, Drusty Agate, Diamond and Turquoise Earrings.

Natural Flowers Collection: 18 carat Gold, Orange Sapphire, Diamond and Mother-of-Pearl Earrings.

Wood Carvings Collection: 18 Carat Gold, Ebony and Quartz Earrings.

Porcelain Beads Collection: Porcelain Bead Bracelet, Green Tourmaline and 18 Carat Gold Clasp.

Organic Collection: 18 Carat Gold, Diamond, Ivory and Rubelite Earrings.

Organic Collection: 18 Carat Gold, Agate, Mother-of-Pearl and Diamond Earrings.

Vintage Collection: 18 Carat Gold, Mother-of-Pearl, Tourmaline and Diamond Earrings.

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