Origami Jewellery

Origami Jewellery pays tribute to the traditional japanese art of folding paper and its incredible and surprising techniques. Who hasn’t as a child even when mostly unaware of such a rich tradition loved to transform dull pieces of paper into planes, birds or simple geometric shapes that provided endless game possibilities? For sure there were here as well some very fun moments while preparing the prototypes!

Founded by French designers Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac, these marvelous shapes are often combined with silver which is mostly presented pure, with gunmetal patinas applied or mixed with gold (Vermeil), bringing the art of the origami to a precious level. Of course all the creativity of the pieces relies on the central idea of an origami inspired object which is indeed a simple concept but nevertheless the result is a very pleasant and attractive one.

Shown below, a selection of images from previous collections.

Necklace – Silver, Gunmetal Patina.

Necklace – Vermeil.

Necklace – Vermeil.

Necklace – Silver.

Necklace – Epoxy.

Necklace – Silver, Gunmetal Patina, Resin.

Necklace – Silver, Gunmetal Patina, Resin.

Necklace – Vermeil, Resin.

Brand website:

A video about the brand by production agency spOa:


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