René Talmon L’Armée

The Berlin jewellery scene is not comparable to other major European cities like Paris or London, and maybe to call it a scene would be already to stretch the concept far beyond its usual boundaries. Notwithstanding the current state of things, there are of course some incredible achievements to be found, and we have been now and then reporting on them. The issue that we want to bring here today though is that Berlin is still lacking those kind of local brand endeavours that while presenting high quality products with a design that is creative and more or less affordable, simultaneously bring an appealing brand experience to the consumer. This includes not only concerns with the corporate identity design of course but as well caring about the retail experience, meaning also the virtual one. Considering more carefully the importance of branding in this particular market would prove itself in our view beneficial at the moment of stimulating the fashion awareness of a city that has been claiming for itself in recent years the status of a fashion capital.

We were then very happy to discover the jewellery project from designer René Talmon L’Armée which gave us a very good sign of the shape of things to come. With locations both in Berlin and Paris, the shop that we had the chance to visit is situated among art galleries in the neighbourhood of Berlin Mitte. A delightful experience where sober interiors include nicely designed jewellery showcases, intimate low lights and a jewellers bench strategically situated at the entrance creating a very cosy and adequate ambiance.

With a predilection for working mostly with silver, René Talmon L’Armée’s objects do not present those high glossy finishings that we usually see in most silver jewellery. Instead they present asperous reliefs, engravings and hammered shapes that convey them a very contemporary and young touch.

It is no doubt jewellery with a strong commercial aspect we must say, but nevertheless a unique and consistent project that detaches itself with relevance from its peers.

Shown below, a selection of images from all the collections.

From the collection: LAFOI

From the collection: GALUCHAT

From the collection: GALUCHAT

From the collection: EMPIRE

From the collection: EMPIRE

From the collection: TÉNÈBRES

From the collection: DIAMOND IN THE DARK

From the collection: TRESSE

From the collection: DIAMOND IN THE DARK

From the collection: TÉNÈBRES


An interview with the designer can be found here (French without subtitles)


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