Michael Zobel and Husam El Odeh for Acne Studios

Acne Studios became in recent years one of the most successful Swedish fashion brands only second to the giant H&M. Acne presents nevertheless a more diversified portfolio than its closest competitors with businesses that extend currently into areas such as advertising, branding, production, publishing and toys. Despite the fact that clothing was not in their initial purposes as a group, the fashion & denim department achieved rather quickly the deserved market recognition worldwide soon to become one of Sweden’s hottest exports. Jewellery though, hasn’t been that much a priority since the launch of the accessories lines and the couple of collections that Acne introduced to us until now resulted from spontaneous collaborations with notable international designers. This was the fact for the first 2009 collection designed by Michael Zobel and more recently in 2011 with a second jewellery line by Husam El Odeh.

Michael Zobel’s jewellery is manufactured by a small team located in Pforzheim, Germany, city with a long tradition in jewellery design and production which hosts the only jewellery design museum in Germany. The pieces from Atelier Zobel are a rare combination of extravagant beauty and technical expertise where the abundant use of precious elements result in very diversified design propositions that quote in their very own way classical and antique jewellery aesthetics.

Husam El Odeh’s (German born, London based) compositions are when compared to the eccentricity of Zobel’s works of a more reduced nature. Shells, pearls and hand carved driftwood mix with sleek sterling silver and silver plated brass to come up with timeless shapes that perform more in terms of subtle elegance and discretion. Collaborations besides Acne included so far designs for Topman, Mihara Yasuhiro and Pringle of Scotland.

Two different design approaches in two wonderfully achieved collaborations. Shown below, a selection.

Husam el Odeh – Bangle – Silver Plated Brass, Shell.

Michael Zobel – Ring (detail) – Gold, Diamant, Pink Tourmaline.

Husam El Odeh – Bangle – Silver, Shell.

Michael Zobel – Ring – Silver, Porcelain, Diamond.

Husam El Odeh – Half Bangle – Silver Plated Brass, Shell.

Michael Zobel – Ring – Gold, Platinum, Rubies, Black Diamonds, Pink Opal.

Husam El Odeh – Bracelet – Hand Carved Driftwood, Sterling Silver.

Michael Zobel – Bangle – Rose Gold, Platinum, Jade.

Husam El Odeh – Double Ring – Silver Plated Brass, Sterling Silver.

Michael Zobel – Ring – Silver, Platinum, Champagne Diamonds, Rough Diamonds.

Husam El Odeh – Double Ring – Sterling Silver, Black Pearls.

Michael Zobel – Bracelet – Silver, Gold, Rough Diamonds.

Husam El Odeh – Bangle – Silver Plated Brass, Silver.

Michael Zobel – Ring – Silver, Gold, Rubies, Mother of Pearl.


Acne Group

Michael Zobel

Schmuck Museum Pforzheim (Jewellery Museum Pforzheim)

Husam El Odeh


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