Blandine Bardeau

“Fluorescent Monkeys and Other Funky Chickens” is the jewellery collection (so far the only) that brought Blandine Bardeau a deserved appraisal from the jewellery enthusiasts out there. Our editorial contribution arrives with a rather long delay since its launch, but we are still very glad to be reporting about it. Blandine Bardeau is a french fine artist with a BA in womenswear from Central Saint Martin’s (CSM) in her sleeve and at the moment based in Glasgow finishing a MA in Painting. Back in 2010 while still at CSM, one of her clothing projects included plastic tubes. This turned out to be the starting point of a jewellery project as this sparkled with curiosity the owner of one of London’s best curated shops, Beyond the Valley. Asked to produce some new pieces based on similar materials, the collection ended up being a vibrant and colorful sweet-candy-meets-tribal-arts kind of adornment. In her own words:

I think of my clothes as ‘transformational. They represent a world where humans can become animals, the wind, where girls can become boys and boys can become girls. I have looked into ways in which people have diverted moral and social conventions, people such as transvestites, shamans, as well as mythological characters. I was fascinated by anything or anyone who is extraordinary”.

An extraordinary result indeed, and yes, solely made out of plastic tubes. Please enjoy.


note: Blandine Bardeau’s website does not present a link to the jewellery line anymore. Currently being shown is her fine arts portfolio.

For an interview with the designer and additional pictures of the pieces being worn on a model please visit the Dazed Digital website:


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