Amélie Riech for Uncommon Matters – The Pacolab Collection

As Berlin reinforces more every day its position as a creativity hub where new fashion labels and designers arrive to launch and/or promote their creative endeavours, no doubt that the amount of fascinating proposals to be found increases along with it. These where some of the initial thoughts as we became acquainted with Uncommon Matters, a new and experimental jewellery project from Amélie Riech, who after several years of practice as a designer, consultant and stylist for the fashion sector, decided in 2008 to go solo and launch her own label.

Resulting from a collaboration with the house of Paco Rabanne on the capsule collection Pacolab, Riech’s intake on Rabanne’s recurrent themes is an admirable achievement. Reminding us of those ingenious mixes of materials such as plastics and metals often seen in Rabanne’s recent shows, Riech’s objects are as well attentive to densities, contrasts and glittering qualities. Light, as a material in itself, diffuses through the glass elements in beautiful translucent juxtapositions, accomplishing the rather dominant and precise geometries of her work. May be why perhaps from the very first moment an irresistible sexiness exudes from them.

Shown below.

Collier – Gold Plated Metal, Hand-crafted.

Collier – Laminated Glass Elements, Gold Plated Metal Clasp, Hand-crafted.

Bangle – Laminated Glass Layers, Gold Plated Metal Clasp, Hand-crafted.

Bracelet – Laminated Glass Elements, Metal Closure, Hand-crafted.

Ring – Glass, Metal Inlay, Hand-ground.

Ring – Gold Plated Metal fused with Laminated Glass Layers, Hand-crafted.

Bangle – Laminated Transparent Glass and Gold Layers, Gold Plated Metal Clasp, Hand Crafted.

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