Glittering Fauna – Animal Inspirations from Boucheron, Bulgari, Cartier, Chopard, James de Givenchy and Tifanny & Co.

Animals have been throughout the millenniums widely depicted in all arts and crafts. Fulfilling a certain need for us to explain the world we see or as a praise to their significance as the animist and shamanic traditions so well understood, the fact is that we often looked towards them in our search for beauty and knowledge. Take birds for example. Messengers of the gods with oracular powers for some, but also able to offer impressive variations of textures, colours and shapes in their plumage, accounting for innumerous human cultural usages.

Jewellery not being the exception, examples are to be found all over its history. Also recently, a certain trend (re)emerged and we’ve seen many of  the major haute joiallerie houses abundantly including animal imagery in their collections. For some of them this is already a trademark, as Cartier’s panthére, for others is a total commitment as the one Caroline Scheufert delivers in her collections for Chopard and in environmental actions such as partnering with the WWF Tiger Initiative.

Along with the design inspiration, the manufacturing process is in itself incredibly detailed. As you will notice in the examples that follow, often hundreds of small precious stones – mostly diamonds – are setted in rather delicate pieces, which complex protoypes were not less often patiently hand carved. An intricate fabrication ritual with many steps that some of our readers familiar with such workshops may well know, resulting in extraordinary objects.

Outrageously sparkly, we may agree, indeed not for every taste, yet a true delight to the eyes.

Tiffany & Co. – Audubon Brooch – 18cts. Gold, Pavé set Diamonds, Emeralds, Sapphires, Purple, Blue and Red Enamel.

Bulgari – Snake Bracelet – 18cts. Gold, Topaz, White and Pink Enamel.

Cartier – Tiger Ring – 18cts. Rose Gold, Pavé set Diamonds, Emeralds, Onixes.

Chopard – Animal World Collection Monkeys Necklace – 18cts. White and Rose Gold, Sapphires, Emeralds, Tsavorites, Brown Diamonds, Onyxes.

James de Givenchy (Taffin) – Deer Brooch – Black Rhodium Plated 18cts. White Gold, Diamonds, Baroque Spinel and White Meerschaum.

Tiffany & Co. –  Lobster Brooch – 18cts Yellow Gold set with Pink Sapphires, Diamonds, Emeralds and Spessartites.

Chopard – Animal World Collection Turtle Ring – 18cts. Rose Gold, Pear Shaped Diamond and Brown, Yellow, White and Cognac Diamonds.

Boucheron – A Collection of Animals Flamingo Brooch – Rose Gold set with Diamonds, Pink Sapphires and Onyxes.

Cartier – Parrot Earrings – White Gold paved with White Diamonds. Emeralds, Mother-of-Pearl.

Chopard – Animal World Collection Storck Earrings – 18cts. Yellow and White Gold, Pavé set Yellow, Black and White Diamonds, 51 cts. Kunzites

Tiffany & Co. – Flamingo Brooch – no description available.

Chopard – Animal World Collection Koala Ring – 18cts White and Rose Gold set with multicolored Diamonds and Onyx.

Tiffany & Co. – Bird on a Rock Brooch – Pavé set Diamond Bird, Ruby Eye, Cushion Shaped Citrine, 18k. Gold.

Boucheron – A Collection of Animals Nuri Ring – White Gold set with White and Yellow Diamonds and Sapphires.

Chopard – Animal World Collection Frog Ring – 18cts. White Gold set with Emeralds, Black and White Diamonds. Crown: 3cts. Yellow Diamond.

Chopard – Animal World Collection Parrots Necklace – 18cts. White Gold, White Diamonds, Acquamarines, Blue Sapphires.





Chopard (Animal World Collection Website)

Taffin (James de Givenchy)

Tiffany & Co.


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