David Neale – A Tree Climber

There is a certain kind of jewellery that doesn’t impose itself. Its enchantment lies precisely on a certain anonymity, a subtle beauty that emerges only when our eyes stay a little longer with it. These were the impressions we had during our first look at David Neale’s work, jewellery designer currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

The simplicity of his proposals, witty and light hearted in their statements, contain something of an innocent and poetic allure, and that soft and charming beauty somehow intense in the way that only children’s wisdom often is.

Technically there is not much to say. These are uncomplicated forms, crafted by hand using mostly gold, vermeil, silver and cast iron with a dose of improvisation that we assume to be happening often all the way. But we might again prove to be wrong as we haven’t read yet any literature about David Neale. We are just as well ourselves improvising in contemplation of his objects.

All the things said, you might not find them at first sight, but look again, it’s all there.


Untitled – Menagerie (2010) – n.d.a.


Untitled – Brooch (2006) – n.d.a.


Tree Climber – Earring – n.d.a.


Untitled – Brooch (2006) – Gold.


Untitled – Ring – n.d.a


Untitled – Brooch – n.d.a.


Untitled – Brooch – n.d.a.


Far Away – Ring – n.d.a.


Dispara Tu Flecha Hacia La Manzana (Shoot your arrow towards the apple) – Bracelet – n.d.a.


Untitled – Badge – Silver.


David Neale’s Blog The Goldensmith


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