Aurélie Bidermann

Stylish and ethnic inspired, Aurélie Bidermann’s creations bring with them always sage references to material cultures and traditions from around the world. Often presented in bold, luxurious traits, these are objects that know very well how to sparkle an immediate desire, season after season.

A dreamer, a traveller and a lover as Karim Sadli romantically portraits her, Aurélie Bidermann is fascinated by gold and gold-plated materials. One can find them roughly worked, shaped to zoological figures and geometrical forms or engraved beautifully in intricate flowery designs. Her compositions range usually from a delicate minimalism to more elaborate designs showing meticulous goldsmithing skills, and the latest inspirations from Brasil, Peru and the Navajo culture sure gave Bidermann the possibility to express her various facets as a designer.

We loved particularly how the coloured threads of cotton trail and wrap around the gold plated metal in those Brasil inspired pieces. They are not the most outstanding objects we’ve seen from her, yet thread weaving always evokes in us a certain human dimension that we very much cherish.

A final note: as there is undoubtedly a certain continuity in the style of her last couple of collections, we opted to show a mixed choice of pieces from A/W 12-13 and S/S 13.

Cité d'or Earrings

A/W 12-13 – Cité D’or Earrings – 18K Gold plated and green glass stones Clip.

Flamingo Pink Copacabana Necklace

S/S 13 – Flamingo Pink Copacabana Necklace.jpg – 18K Gold plated and cotton threads.

Machu Picchu Earrings

A/W 12-13 – Machu Picchu Clip-On Earrings – 18k gold plated clip.
Malibu Blue Necklace

S/S 13 – Malibu Blue Necklace – 18K Gold plated, embellished with turquoise stones.

Manchette Mendoza

A/W 12-13 – Manchette Mendoza – 18K Gold plated and blue lacquer.

Mendoza Earrings

A/W 12-13 – Mendoza Earrings – 18K Gold plated and blue lacquer Clip.

Miki Dora Bracelet

S/S 13 – Miki Bracelet – 18K Gold plated bracelet.

Ocean beach Jungle Green Bangle

S/S 13 – Ocean do Brasil Bracelet – 18K Gold plated and cotton threads.

Ocean Do Brasil Bracelet

S/S 13 – Ocean Beach Jungle Green Bangle – 18k dipped in gold bangle, cotton and lurex threads.

Pachacamac Cuff

A/W 12-13 – Pachacamac Cuff – 18K Gold plated.

Pachacamac Earrings

A/W 12-13 – Pachacamac Earrings – 18K Gold plated Clip.

Santa Fe Cuff

S/S 13 – Santa Fe Necklace – 18K Gold plated.

Surfing Mimosa Earrings

S/S 13 – Surfing Mimosa Earrings – 18K Gold plated articulated earrings.

Surfing Mimosa Necklace

S/S 13 – Surfing Mimosa Necklace – 18K Gold plated.

Tao Necklace

A/W 12-12 – Tao Necklace – 18k Gold plated.

Wild Tropics do Brasil Necklace

S/S 13 – Wild Tropics do Brasil Necklace – 18K Gold plated and cotton threads.

Wild West Cuff

A/W 12- 13 – Wild West Cuff – 18K Gold plated and Turquoise.

Wild West Necklace

A/W 12-13 – Wild West Necklace – 18K Gold plated and Turquoise



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