Carly Ellis – Plastic Fantastic

In a 1940’s catalogue of the North-American retailer SEARS, one can read their latest jewellery items being advertised as “the prettiest newest jewellery, the kind girls love to wear”. As these were mostly made out of sterling silver, one could hardly imagine that more than half a century later, jewellery design would turn on to plastic as one of its major resources and that girls (and boys) would also be wearing – not only in the catwalk – pretty yes, though very large and futuristic jewellery pieces like the ones Carly Ellis brought to us after her MFA fashion graduation at Parsons New York.

Formerly a student of the University of Westminster, Ellis clothing collections soon became noticed by the international press. Fashion critic Hilary Alexander from The Telegraph described her collections as “having hit a niche” with “evening-inspired sportswear”. Casual and comfy cuts and fabrics mix with eye-catching digital prints and UV glowing qualities that make for extraordinary fashion proposals in an instantly recognizable style signature. And it is precisely this sporty element present in all of her womenswear collections that make acrylic glass and fabrics seem like a natural choice of materials for a jewellery line.

Co-designed by Richard Darlington, the T.M.B.I.A.M.S. collection has a certain tribal feel to it, maybe because the pieces have indeed an unusual lenght and the collars are wide and of a thick weaved mix of fabrics a bit like we would see in many African crafts. No doubt the acrylic pieces per se relate to another genre as they would fit marvelously a glossy Sci-Fi editorial. Complex and irregular in juxtaposed layers of transparency, they could be guns from the future – cuffs and rings that shoot dangerous laser beams – or space-ships and gadgets that take us to faraway planets.

These are objects with a strong personality that one keeps remembering for quite a while. They have something to say and that is just what we love here at Pop Up Uau.


Necklaces – Acrylic glass, various fabrics.


Cuff – Acrylic glass.


Ring – Acrylic glass.


Rings – Acrylic glass.


Ring – Acrylic glass.


Cuff – Acrylic glass.
Collar – various fabrics.
Carly Necklace – Acrylic glass, various fabrics.
Necklaces – Acrylic glass, various fabrics.
Necklace – Acrylic glass, various fabrics.

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