Delfina Delettrez – The Infinity Collection S/S 2013

Delfina Delettrez previous collection was inhabited by a variety of surrealist icons such as mirrors, eyes and other juxtaposed imagery from the movement. Although this fascination could have ended up revealing not much more than a interesting-for-the-moodboard kind of inspiration, Delettrez proved in fact to be drawn into the meanings behind those symbols, following a very enticing thinking thread whose outcome was a jewellery collection named – intriguingly – Infinity.

It was taking the idea of mirrors to the next level, creating reflections that give the impression of infinity”                             Delfina Delettrez,, 10th October 2012 (accessed March 2013).

Mirrors have been in a more esoteric register often depicted as symbols for self contemplation and as objects that provide glimpses into hidden dimensions of the inner self – Magritte here being a good example for those interpretations. Mirrors can also offer a look into that unknown side of reality as Lewis Carroll beautifully describes in Alice Through the Looking Glass. Besides that, speaking in technical terms, mirrors have a bright surface resulting from the silver and aluminum compounds involved in the coating process. And this highly polished, shiny characteristics are precisely to what we tend often to refer when attempting to visually forecast the future. In a way, it seems then that mirrors offer material and fantastical qualities enough to give this everyday object a transcendental aura that opens up to the idea of endless possibilities.

Daniel Sannwald’s video Magic Triangles currently being shown at Delettrez website sets perfectly the tone for such thoughts. In a sort of oneiric trip – closely ressembling recent sea-punk experiments – dazzling jewellery objects rotate and float above an infinite-point perspective landscape, staging isolated body parts as surrealist apparitions – all in a very luminous, mirror-like atmosphere. So are the jewellery objects themselves. Made mostly from silver – pure or gold-plated –  subtly enameled and often inset with zircons and pearls, they present extreme polished surfaces and neon rubbers and colors that provide the idea of a future object, under certain light conditions perhaps difficult to circumscribe spatially. Something like when one looks up to the diffused glow of a street lamp at night, somehow without beginning and without end.

En-lightened, captivating forms indeed. Shown below.

Multicolor Infinity Neckpiece – Rubber, Silver, Zircon, Pearl.
Ruby Red Infinity Necklace – Rubber, Gold-plated Silver, 1.32 Carat Rubies, Resin. DD12
Blue One, Two, Three Bracelet – Rubber, Silver, Enamel, Pearl.DD5
Rainbow Earrings – Silver, Enamel, Zircon.
Blue One, Two, Three Bracelet – Rubber, Silver, Enamel, Pearl.DD7
Ray of Light Neon Earrings – Silver, Enamel, Zircon.
 Ray of Light Bracelet – Silver, Enamel, Zircon.
 Black Infinity Cuff – Rubber, Silver, Zircon, Pearl.
Three X Three Bracelet – Rubber, Silver, Pearls.
Pink Reflection Bracelet – Rubber, Silver, Enamel.DD15
Ruby Red Infinity Ring – Gold-plated Silver, 1.32 Carat Rubies, Resin.
White Neon Ring – Silver, Zircon, Enamel, Topaz.
Full Moon Ring – Silver, Gold-plated Silver, Pearl.  DD18
Blue Neon Ring – Silver, Enamel, Zircon, Perdiot. DD20
Ring – Silver, Enamel, Pearl.



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