In the Showroom: Fiona Paxton A/W 2013-14

We welcomed recently the opportunity for a private viewing of Fiona Paxton’s latest jewellery collection in her London press office at Sane Communications.

What we much cherish in Paxton’s work is the undoubtedly strong ethnical influence that one immediately grasps from the very first moment of looking at her designs. Just the stunning hand beading craftsmanship could lead alone to this particular perception and yet, take the recurrent patterns of spirals and whorls for example, so dear to the North American Indians as symbols referring to the cycles of life and its perpetual renewal. Or the signature necklace compositions, that are either presented in unusual cascading lengths or in large round shapes fitting closely the neck and those more classical forms where a pendant may assume a central position with tinkling beads aligned in the lower edges. All detail characteristics that combined with the polished surfaces and the meticulous tambour beading techniques used, give Paxton’s jewellery a certain aura of ceremonial objects – ritual jewellery that one would expect perhaps to see being worn by Native Americans or Pre-Columbian Aztec priests.

Indeed, Fiona Paxton has been working with Indian embroidery master artisans since the launch of her eponymous label in 2008, and despite all the remarks on jewellery traditions that one may bring in here, these are bold contemporary statements in themselves, particularly in the way they establish a dialogue with traditional world crafts: ” My relationship with the artisans who produce my work is incredibly important to me and I love the process of combining very contemporary inspirations with the artisans skills and traditions”.

Fiona Paxton came up over the years with a very resolute product identity and this collection sees again her consistent style vocabulary achieving great results. These are beautiful objects and very relevant proposals in the way they skillfully include tradition in a contemporary design process.

Shown below.


Display overview.


Biyu necklace – Gold-plated mixed metals, nappa leather, tambour beads, cotton, silk.


Edith necklace – Antique Copper-plated metal beads, nappa leather, cotton, silk.


Edith necklace (detail).


Golden May necklace – Gold-plated metal chains and beads, Swarovski crystals, nappa leather, cotton, silk.


Chip Tiggs wrap bracelets – Gold-plated and silver-plated chains, tambour beads, nappa leather, cotton, silk.


Charity bracelet – Gold-plated metal beads, nappa leather, cotton, silk.


Grace necklace – Gold-plated metal beads, nappa leather, cotton, silk.


Grace necklace (back detail) – cotton cushion, silk.


Dorothy necklace – Silver-plated metal beads, nappa leather, cotton, silk.


Dorothy necklace (detail).

FP30 copy

Crazie Mazie necklace – Gold and silver-plated mixed metals and beads, Swarovski crystal, faux-fur, nappa leather, cotton, silk.


Fiona Paxton


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