Maria Piana – A Metal Choreography | The S/S 2013 Motus Collection

Rarely do we come across jewellery designs so intensively striking. We found in Maria Piana’s S/S 2013 collection a very determined vision, steadily focused in the creative direction taken.

These are objects that seem to be somehow gravitating the surface of the bodies they adorn. The thin sheets of plated metal from which they are made of accentuate this light attribute, and the futuristic also tribal-like shapes give these pieces a rather charged unearthly feel. As we see it, they do not quite find a harmony with the body of the user – at least how we would define in terms of classical jewellery. They complement it though, by showing a strong personality of their own and assuming it vehemently.

Gorgeous nevertheless are they, exuding a strong sexyness in their bold curves and choreographies. Choreographies yes, because there is something of a dance in these shapes. Forms that undulate, that follow a rhythm, as if in endless metamorphosis, fixating themselves in one particular moment form, soon to become another, making clear what we meant above by visions or perhaps those intangible assets that shape any endeavour, creative or not.

Maria Piana is one designer to watch closely and her jewellery work it’s not just about eye-catching gold-plated contours – even when they are undoubtedly there. There’s an immense self-contained energy circulating within her creations, which are in our view, a stunning essay on creativity.

Shown below, a selection of works from the Spring/Summer 2013 Motus collection.

Maria Piana 4

Maria Piana 6

Maria Piana 7

Maria Piana 1 Maria Piana 3

 Maria Piana 10
Maria Piana 11
Maria Piana 2
Maria Piana 9 Maria Piana 14 Maria Piana 5
Maria Piana 13
Maria Piana 8
Maria Piana 12

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