In the Studio: MAWI

Mawi started its successful path 12 years ago as the result of a creative collaboration in business and in life between Mawi Keivon, sole responsible for the design direction, and Tim Awan, heading the management side of the brand. We had last week the exciting opportunity to meet them both at their studio in London Dalston to review the newest A/W 2013 collection and have an informal chat about the story of their brand, the current state of the jewellery market and how they are on the rise to become one the biggest players in the British fashion jewellery scene.

_1000687studio interiors (detail).

_1000715Studio interiors (detail).

Currently operating a flagship store in Shoreditch and a recently opened “beautiful on the marina” proud joint venture in Montenegro, the brand is in a fast pace mode as it waves the strong economic dynamics now being generated outside old Europe with increasing sales in the Middle East, Asia and the Eastern European markets. Product diversification is a key strategy and taken as a natural extension of the business, a recent outstanding bags collection couldn’t prove them wrong. The same goes for the now relaunched men’s jewellery line in a time where men’s buying habits are quickly changing and jewellery is slowly again becoming fashionable for this particular segment.

_1000708 copyBags collection display (detail).

Mawi is mostly known by its signature statement necklaces and rings and bold designs and compositions “where if anything the influence is more royalty and punk” Tim says. Indeed the pieces we were shown revealed something majestic about them, mostly due to the complex abundance of details presented in gold and silver plated brass mixed often beautifully with white metals and costume jewellery crystals.

_1000681 copyA/W 2013-14 jewellery display.

_1000706S/S 2013 jewellery display.

Yet this collection saw also spikes and a certain chaotic arrangement that pushed the pieces out of a certain classical category to give them a very contemporary, punk rock inspired allure from where rebel, romantic and glam are the keywords for the season.

_1000693A/W 2013-14 Necklace.

_1000690A/W 2013-14 Rings.

_1000692A/W 2013-14 jewellery display (detail).

A stunning body of work that brought this season the recognition of the Austrian fashion heavy-weight Swarovski, which asked them to design four exclusive pieces to illustrate their A/W 2013-14 prestigious trend book.

_1000713 copyJewellery piece for Swarovski’s A/W 2013-14 trend Book

_1000711Jewellery piece for Swarovski’s A/W 2013-14 trend Book

_1000710Jewellery piece for Swarovski’s A/W 2013-14 trend Book

_1000709 copyClutch for Swarovski’s A/W 2013-14 trend Book

_1000688Moodboard from the latest collections in Mawi’s working area (detail).

Nevertheless, and despite such tight-knits with the trend consulting industry, they do make their point quite clear where to stand in relation to it:

Mawi sets the trend. It’s a thriving position to be in. The avant-garde had soldiers that run in front of the army, the ones who first experience the new landscape, kick down the doors and are the first line of attack.. and they are probably the ones that get shot first. We are often in uncharted territory. It’s a very exciting and challenging position to be in.”

A big thank you to Mawi, Tim and all the people at the Dalston studio for the friendly welcome.



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