Ek Thongprasert – Spring/Summer 2013

The concept behind Ek Thongprasert’s jewellery work is very clear: to transfer traditional and classical jewellery silhouettes into silicone, a material of choice since the beginning of his collaboration with jewellery designer Noon Passama, also co-founder of the brand. This substitution of qualities, though fairly simple to conceive, has a tremendous effect in the pieces as it acts as kind of denying them the weight of history so to speak. Even when the look of the compositions is at first undoubtedly classical, the dyed silicone and the abundant costume crystals – in cascades of synthetic-organic unfoldings – do provide them with an immediate rebellious and contemporary feel, which are for the most part, Ek Thongprasert’s already renowned signature style.

Ek Thongprasert is based in Antwerp, Belgium.

Shown below, a selection of stunning necklaces from his Spring/Summer 2013 collection.

The Foxtrot Necklace

Foxtrot Necklace – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass, Tanzanite Crystals.Savoy Affair Necklace

Savoy Affair Necklace – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass, Green Glass.Barbary Coast Necklace

Barbary Coast Necklace – Silicone, Copper.Baltimore Buzz Necklace

Baltimore Buzz Necklace – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass, Lavender Crystals.The 5th Avenue Necklace

The 5th Avenue Necklace – Silicone.MInt Julep Necklace

Mint Julep Necklace – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass, Multi-Olive Crystals.The Sulpgur Spring Charleston

The Sulpgur Spring Charleston – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass.The Fog Green Charleston Necklace

The Fog Green Charleston – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass.Green Vesper Necklace

Green Vesper Necklace – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass, Aquamarine Glass.Brandy Alexander Necklace

Brandy Alexander Necklace – Silicone, Silver-Plated Brass.


A recent short video interview with Ek Thongprasert showcasing many of the brand’s designs and illustrations:



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