Joji Kojima – Mokume-Gane and the Insecta Collection

Joji Kojima’s latest collection Insecta pays tribute to the earth’s biodiversity and the fascinating new discovery of species that science brings us year after year:

Creatures called insects with more than 2000 new species a year being discovered even in the 21st century. This is a collection of jewelry that expresses creatures with their distinct and marvelous forms, unlike any others, as if they have come from another planet“.

And it is this element of strangeness perhaps the one that triggers the whole creative process as Joji Kojima’s collections convey more than often a rather unworldly feel. Indeed, Mr Kojima’s designs have been since the launch of his eponymous label in 2010, notorious for exploring a certain dark and harsh eroticism, shaped here nonetheless in this collection to a very elegant and smooth statement. These are body objets that resist to fit in ordinary jewellery categories as they challenge fiercely wearability conventions in their proposal of new silhouettes and search of alternative body areas to adorn. It wouldn’t be therefore a surprise to acknowledge Kojima’s background in arts and that he counts already among his famous collaborations the celebrity pop singer Lady Gaga whose aesthetic affinities with the designer are beyond obvious.

Composed mostly of brass, gunmetal and occasionally gold, the inspiration behind this series of objects led as well to a hors-collection ring that revives the ancient Japanese metalsmithing technique of the Mokume-Gane, with which, as the designer explains, “beautiful wood-grain patterns are created by layering many different-colored metals and painstakingly carving and forging them”. The result is as below shown, of an extraordinary beauty, rendering a very zoological, skin-like finish to a great combination of tradition and contemporary design skills.

joji kojima 1

Mokume-Gane Ring – Silver, Copper, Brass.

joji kojima 2

Mokume-Gane Ring (different views) – Silver, Copper, Brass.


Insecta Collection – Ring – Brass, Gunmetal.

jk 6

Insecta Collection – Ring – Brass, Gunmetal.

jk 5

Insecta Collection – Ring – Brass, Gunmetal.

jk 7

Insecta Collection – Ring – Brass, Gold.

jk film still 2

Insecta Collection – Still image from the collection’s film preview.

jk film still 3

Insecta Collection – Still image from the collection’s film preview.


Insecta collection preview film by Miho Kinomura and Kensui Arao:


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