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A Jewellery Shopping Guide to BERLIN

Shopping for jewellery in Berlin? We provide you here the list of the best addresses in town, from affordable high street chic to the more exclusive luxury proposals.

Oranienburgerstrasse | Photography: Pop Up Uau

The first in a series of upcoming jewellery shopping guides here at Pop Up Uau and starting off proudly with Berlin, a city that in recent years has been steadily positioning itself as one of Europe’s dynamic creative hubs due to its energetic contemporary arts, music and fashion scene. Jewellery, though a scene smaller in comparison, is by no means an exception when it comes to discovering great designs and places to shop, and this guide is here to show what this fantastic city has to offer.

It is our purpose to provide a list diverse enough to suit distinct budgets, style preferences and retail experiences/expectations. All the shops featured, distinct in many aspects as they indeed are, have nevertheless in common a consistent approach to design and/or buying and curating jewellery, meaning that they are doing a substantial contribution not only to the local jewellery scene, but also to the discipline in itself by showcasing continuously outstanding work within very appealing retail concepts. Besides, from a purely brand perspective, all of them possess strong business identities and have earned a reputation among their peers in their particular niche market.

Ticking several boxes at once, from the quality and diversity of the designs to the customer experience one can find in-store, these shops are an optimal choice for your jewellery buys. And, if you take the time to get to know some of the people behind these endeavours, you will surely share our pleasure to acknowledge how passionate they all are about their subject.

Note: appearance is in random order and does not suggest any preferences from Pop Up Uau or any particular ranking criteria – we do love them all.


Located at the Auguststrasse in Mitte, one the most lively neighbourhoods for Berlin’s contemporary art scene, OONA is an art jewellery gallery founded in 2000 by Anna Schetelich, who is still nowadays responsible for curating the exhibitions and managing the renowned jewellers her gallery represents such as the duo PE/AH, Svenja John, Petra Zimmerman and Benedikt Fischer among many others. OONA became known for its special choice of international artists and designers and the often experimental character of the objects shown in terms of innovative compositions and materials used. The gallery offers a wide and light space for solo and curated group shows, and the majority of works are displayed openly on top of low height showcase furniture which we find to be very convenient for a proper appreciation of the great pieces always being exhibited here.

click picture gallery to enlarge and for details

Type: Studio and Art Jewellery Gallery
Address: Auguststrasse 26 10117 Berlin map
Phone: +49 (0) 30 2804 5905
Opening Hours: TUE – FRI 14-18 / SAT 13 – 18 and by appointment. | Online Shop: No
Price Range: From €50 to €900. Some selected pieces between €2.000-€3.000.


Situated in the heart of Berlin’s famous mall QUARTIER 206, right on the famous Friedrichstrasse, the DEPARTMENTSTORE QUARTIER 206 is an elegant, cosmopolitan world of shopping on two floors with an exclusive and trendsetting range of items. Covering 2.800 m2 of retail space, the store offers an eclectic shopping experience in a luxurious setting – with international designer fashion, niche and highly coveted labels from Berlin and around the world and accessories – all mixed in with cosmetics, jewellery, books, interiors, art and flowers. Their fine and exclusive jewellery selection offers exclusive pieces nowhere to be found in Berlin except here from jewellery designers such as Kieselstein-Cord, Christian Koban, Aurora Lopez Mejia, Colleen B. Rosenblat, Maiyet, Sophie Gyllenhammar and more.

click picture gallery to enlarge and for details

Type: Department Store
Address: Friedrichstrasse 71 10117 Berlin map
Phone: +49 (0) 30 2094 6500
Opening Hours: MO – FRI 11-20 / SAT 10 – 18 | Online Shop: Yes
Price Range: From €160. Pieces here shown start at €6.950


A fine taste for retail interiors and a jewellery style that skillfully pulls stunning textures and shapes out of silver metal were the reasons to include René Talmon L’Armée’s shop-atelier in Mitte as a recommended destination for your jewellery buys. Truly a delight to walk in, the intimate low lights, dark-toned furnishings/displays and the welcoming solid wood jewellers bench strategically located at the entrance – on which the designer himself often sits to work – create a rather warm and unique shopping experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

click picture gallery to enlarge and for details

Type: Mono-brand Jewellery Boutique
Address: Linienstrasse 109 10115 Berlin map
Phone: +49 (0) 172 73 84 393
Opening Hours: MO – FRI 11-18 / SAT 10 – 18 | Online Shop: Yes (via links to external e-tailers)
Price Range: from €250.

4. SIX

The German reply to the British brand Accessorize yet no less trendy and original in its statements, SIX, the jewellery and accessories brand from the Cologne based Beeline Group is in the words of its CEO Ulrich Beckmann, a concept created to offer beautiful and fashionable accessories for everyone at reasonable prices. Being a cosmopolitan brand, now available in 26 countries worldwide, its cool designs are presented following the latest fashion trends and the stores regularly update new products, making up for a jewellery feast from where the affordable prices will make it hard for you to leave the shops without bringing something new on.

click picture gallery to enlarge and for details

Type: International Jewellery and Acessories Retail Chain
Address: Friedrichstrasse 148 10117 Berlin map
Phone: +49 (0) 30 869 869 69
Email: –
Website: |
Opening Hours: MO – FRI 9.30 – 19 SAT 9.30 -15 | Online Shop: Yes (via Amazon)
Price Range: (jewellery) €4.95 – €19.95


Oliver Rheinfrank opened his gallery two years ago after a professional path made in media and fashion styling from where his passion for vintage jewellery emerged. A specialist in his area, which includes Art Nouveau, Victorian and the Edwardian jewellery periods, the retail concept of a chic antiquarian invites with its sober and polished interiors to stay longer with the pieces and learn some of its history. And there is indeed plenty to tell. Horn carved Art Nouveau necklaces, steel Victorian pieces worked to impressive brilliances or the uses of the jet stone are some of Rheinfrank’s favourite moments to be found here. All items original and exclusive, no replicas and the guarantee that you will bring a piece of knowledge with you.

click picture gallery to enlarge and for details

Type: Jewellery Antiquarian
Address:  Linienstr. 44 10119 Berlin map
Phone: +49 (0) 30 20 68 91 55
Opening Hours: MO – SAT 11-18 | Online Shop: Yes
Price Range: From €120 upwards. Pieces here shown: €850 – €1.900


Sabrina Dehoff founded her eponymous label back in 2005 after working as a design assistant for Alber Elbaz at Guy Larouche and Cristina Ortiz at Lanvin. One of the few jewellery designers based in Berlin that follows the fashion seasons calendar by delivering collections twice a year, Sabrina Dehoff’s designs bring always gorgeous trendy looks made out of some of her signature elements such as gold and silver-plated non-precious metals, fabrics and costume jewellery crystals. And then we have those stylish interiors in the bursting Torstrasse in Mitte, composed of dark woods and large mirrors, making up for an utterly elegant and exclusive retail atmosphere.

click picture gallery to enlarge and for details

Type: Mono-brand Jewellery Boutique
Address: Torstrasse 175 10115 Berlin map
Phone: +49 (0) 30 936 246 80
Opening Hours: MO – FRI 12-19  SAT 12-18 | Online Shop: Yes
Price Range: €69 – €499. Pieces here shown: €184 – €349


We wish to thank all the generous and friendly support and materials provided to compose this guide to:

Friederike Zenner and Sarah Vogelsang (Agency V/Sabrina Dehoff), Angelique Tham and Oliver Rheinfrank (Antique Vintage Jewellery), Kathrin Bücker and Steffi Kupfer (Beeline Group/SIX), René Talmon L’Armée, Marie-Theres Riegler (DSQ 206) and Anna Schetelich (Oona Galerie).


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