Maria Francesca Pepe – Lookbook A/W 13-14

Eclectic in her combination of apparently discrepant influences where hard rock and traditional bridal and tribal styles mix unabashedly with a certain 80’s feel, Maria Francesca Pepe brought us this season yet another fantastic jewellery collection along with a lavishly illustrated lookbook.

Reminding us of a pictorial style typical to the tattoo genre, which can also be seen on many of the pieces, Jiwinaia’s beautiful illustrations intertwine with pictures of models that set a tough tone for the collection in their use of skinny, sleevless cuts, vintage rock prints and leathers. This is a jewellery collection young at its core, very fresh and exceptionally diversified, brave also in its proposal of more dashing compositions such as those great articulated rings or the flamboyant headpieces and chains made bra amidst arm-long gold plated cuffs gorgeously enameled. There are of course plenty of other more commercial options here, that nothwithstanding their less rebellious character, convey still that fast paced rythm of rock and roll, in their smartly detailed bold designs.

Shown below, images from the A/W 2013-14 Lookbook Never is a Promise.

  mfpcover Her: Tattoo enameled sword + rose – gold, enamel | Tatto plaque enameled necklace Never is a Promise – gold, enamel |Broken heart and sword charm enameled earrings – gold, enamel. Him: Broken heart charm enameled necklace – gold, enamel.

Articulated ring with spikes (top, left), Horn ring (top, right), Cuff with spikes (down, left), Long earcuff (down, right) – gold, enamel, Swarovski crystals, red horn (red horn ring).
Headpiece with silver eye charm – gold, silver, Swarovski crystal | Rings and cuffs – as above | Eye-charm enamel earrings –  gold, enamel, Swarovski crystals | Horn and pearl necklace – plated brass, rhodium, gold, enamel, white pearl, enameled horn.
Earcuff earrings with stud and horn – plated brass, rhodium, Swarovski crystal. | Earcuff with horn – plated brass, rhodium, Swarovski crystal.
Tattoo enamel long cuff roses + heart – gold, enamel | Articulated spiked ring – as above. | Ring with two horns and stud – plated brass, rose gold, gold, rhodium | Rings with spikes – gold | Ade ring with enameled eye charm – gold, enamel, Swarovky crystal.
Chains made headpiece – plated brass, gold | Stone horn pendant necklace – plated brass, resin, rhodium | Necklace with encased stone medal – plated brass, resin, gold, black white pearls | Varnished chain necklace – silver, brass, ruthenium | Rings – as above | Charm bracelet with encased stone medal – plated brass, resin, rhodium.
Necklaces with encased stone medals and studs – plated brass, resin, rhodium, ruthenium.
Charm headpiece with encased stone medals and crosses –  plated brass, resin, gold.
Rings – as above | Charm bracelets with encased stone medals – plated brass, resin, gold.
Broken heart charm enameled necklace and broken heart and sword enameled earrings – as above | Black varnished ring with cross – varnish, gold.
Chains made bra with encased stone medals – plated brass, resin, gold | Encased stone medal earrings with white pearls – plated brass, gold, white pearls, Swarovski crystals.
Thorn shaped earrings with spikes – plated brass, rose gold, gold, rhodium | Diamond hammered small earcuffs – Silver, gold, rose gold, ruthenium, silver.
Earcuff earrings with chains – plated brass, gold.
Him: Varnished chain necklace and bracelet – as above | Stud chain necklace and bracelet – plated brass, ruthenium, rhodium | Ring with 3 studded bands rotating independently and Ring with single studded rotating band – oxi silver, polished ruthenium | Her: Rings and earcuffs – as above | Arrow charm enameled earrings – silver, enamel | Open cuff with multi-chains – plated brass, rhodium, gold | Arrow charm enameled bracelet – silver, enamel | Thin cuff with all over spikes – rhodium, Swarovski crystals.
3 fingers ring with zircons (top) – silver, zircons | Ring with two horns and spike (middle) – plated brass, rhodium | Cuff with two horn and spike (below) – silver, zircons.
XL Half-moon earrings with fringe chains – Plated brass, gold | Diamond hammered cuffs – Rose gold, silver, ruthenium, gold | Arm cuff with fringe chains – plated brass, gold | Chains made bra  with encased spikes – plated brass, silver.
Fake nose piercing with chains and earcuff – Plated brass, gold, rhodium | Diamond hammered small earcuffs – as above.
Rings with spikes – gold, enamel, Swarovski Crystals.
Broken heart charm enameled earrings –  gold, enamel | Chains made bra, headpiece and nose earring with encased stones – gold, resin.

Images kindly provided by Sophia Hoddinott @ Maria Francesca Pepe

Concept and Design: Maria Francesca Pepe
Stylist: Pandora Lennard
Photographer: Justin Borbely
Models: Erika Labanauskaite @ Next | Lewis Chesson-Grieve @ Next
Make-Up: Kate Lindsey
Hair: Roxane Attard
Nails: Jamie Nunn & Sue Kemp @Nails on Demand
MFP Creative: Giorgia Robatto
Illustrations: Jiwinaia
Still Life: Chris Ayres.

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