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Catwalk Jewellery Highlights – London Collections: Men S/S 2014

When it comes to jewellery, watching menswear collections it’s a kind of ascetic exercise on keeping your expectations low, as often there’s nothing really more to see than a couple of shy proposals that don’t say much about the creative possibilities of the field.

The Spring/Summer 2014 edition of the London Collections: Men, which ended last Tuesday, would’ve been no exception if it weren’t for the interesting metal arm cuffs and lip adornments found at Astrid Andersen, the elegant pieces from Dominic Jones and the truly awe inspiring showcase of jewellery design over at KTZ.

An acronym to Kokon To Zai (meaning in Japanese “east meets west”) and headed by Marjan Pejoski (creative direction) and Koji Maruyama (design), KTZ’s catwalk presentation saw this season such an abundance of bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings and even armoured masks, that caught us more than once suspiciously thinking if we were in fact watching a menswear show.

Undoubtedly inspired from bedouin jewellery and their skillful uses of silver, this was indeed a desert inspired collection, managing to go in between touareg style and military influences with great balance, where bold silver chains, spiked cuffs and rings and plenty of stamped/embossed silver adornments were omnipresent in accessories and garments. Some stunning metal work, and in sharp contrast to the whole of the London Men’s schedule.

Shown below, our highlights of the week.

astrid andersen

Astrid Andersen – Arm Cuffs.

astrid andersen 2

Astrid Andersen – Lip adornments.


KTZ – Necklace.


KTZ – Bracelets.


KTZ – Bracelets.


KTZ – Necklace.


KTZ – Armoured Mask.


KTZ – Cuff, Rings.


KTZ – Bracelets, Rings.


KTZ – Neck-Bags/Neck-Lace.


KTZ – Ring.


KTZ – Necklaces.

ktz 21

KTZ – Earrings.

ktz 18

KTZ – Necklaces.

ktz 9

KTZ – Bracelets.

ktz 22

KTZ – Spiked Head-Mask.



Dominic Jones exhibition display.

richard nicoll

Richard Nicoll – Pendant Necklace.

richard nicoll 3

Richard Nicoll – Pendant Necklace.


CREDITS: all photos via and provided by the designers and brands unless otherwise stated.

KTZ S/S 2014 at London Collections: Men

Dominic Jones S/S 2014 at London Collections: Men


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